Wazawazi Travel

See the world you have always wanted to see with Wazawazi travel

At Wazawazi we believe that seeing the world, exposing oneself to different cultures and experiences can make a big difference in putting one’s own worldview in perspective.It is when we see the world and how other people live that we truly begin to appreciate the beauty in the diversity that is the human experience.It is with this spirit in mind that we have developed Wazawazi Travel. Wazawazi travel is championing a new authentic African Story. Our travel team creates bespoke tour packages that will show you a different side of Kenya. We will customize our tours around your key interests giving you the best of Kenyan music, food, sights and scenes.Would you like to see the best of the Kenyan underground music scene? Or maybe you’re just looking for the best fashion hangouts in the country.

All our guides are volunteers who are already involved in whatever field you choose to explore. They are trained in handling tours and are there to ensure that you get whatever authentic experience that you choose.Tours don’t have to be limited to a few game drives and a camp. We encourage you to think of whatever aspect of the world that you would like to see –Wazawazi travel is here to curate that experience for you.Travel with Wazawazi today and explore whichever side of Kenya you choose.Traveler beware, you choose where with Wazawazi.